Throughout the year, the Rare Disease Day organization is “raising awareness and generating change for the 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease, their families and carers.” One of their initiatives is the Light Up For Rare campaign which invites people to light or decorate their homes with the Rare Disease Day colours at 7:00pm (local time) on February 28th or 29th (on a leap year). They also encourage people arrange for monuments in their towns and cities to be lit up in the Rare Disease Day colours.
HAE Canada’s Kim Speiss (Regional Director) wanted her city to Light Up so she reached out to the City of Winnipeg and asked if they would shine lights on the Esplanade Riel Footbridge – and they said yes. Thanks Winnipeg! This Global Chain of Lights campaign not only illuminates the world, but also spreads awareness for everyone living with a rare disease.
Many monuments across Canada were also lit up, including the CN Tower, Brampton Clock Tower, Charlottetown’s City Hall, Edmonton Tower, Nanaimo Bastion, Signal Hill (St. John’s), Peterborough City Hall and many more! Maybe you saw your city’s landmark lit up for rare?
Thanks Kim and Jacquie Badiou for making your way down to the bridge to witness the inaugural lighting.