About Us

HAE Canada is a patient group that was formed in 2010 to work with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to create a better life for those patients living with HAE and other related angioedema in Canada.

The HAE Canada Team

Board of Directors

Jacquie Badiou
Jacquie BadiouPresident & Quebec Regional Director
Tina McGrath
Tina McGrathDirector at Large
Carmen Craciun
Carmen CraciunTreasurer
Lorraine Coumont
Lorraine CoumontSecretary & Pacific Regional Director
Suzanna LeVatte MacDonald
Suzanna LeVatte MacDonald Atlantic Regional Director
Michelle Cooper
Michelle CooperOntario Regional Director

HAE Canada Staff

Daphne Dumbrille
Daphne DumbrilleChief Operations Officer
Heather Dow
Heather DowEvents and Management Plus