We want to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU to our friends from the CN Tower for helping make HAE Day 2024 so special. Seeing such a prominent landmark in a famous Canadian city lit up in purple was such a surreal experience that filled us with emotion. 

We were beyond thrilled to have some Toronto-area members join Michelle (HAEC President) for a special HAE Day walk in honour of HAE Day 2024. Their enthusiasm was priceless.

We also greatly appreciated that local HAE specialists, Drs. Susan Waserman and Stephen Betschel, along with CHAEN’s Executive Director, Peter Waite, joined Michelle for the Walk. We know how busy physicians are so having them there was very meaningful.

Canadian reps from some of our major sponsors (BioCryst, Takeda & CSL Behring) also joined the group for the walk. We have an incredibly special HAE community in Canada and we are very grateful to have sponsors who are truly passionate about supporting Canadian HAE patients.

Together we CAN make a difference, one day at a time.


Help raise HAE awareness and have fun at the same time!

Between now and the end of May, we are encouraging everyone to join the 2024 HAEi Activity Challenge. After each time you participate in a wellness activity (physical or otherwise) you simply add it to your profile and watch Canada’s steps grow!

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Support Family Testing

Give valuable insights in HAE science

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) is a hereditary disorder. It is therefore very important to have other family members tested. To help you in this process HAE International has developed two documents for patients. You can download the documents below:

Support Family Testing – Patient Pack 1

Support Family Testing – Patient Pack 2

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