Please join us in the 2023 HAE Global Activity Challenge, organized by HAE International (HAEi). HAE Day unites the HAE community with May 16th as a focus for activities to raise HAE awareness.

Between now and the end of May, you can record each time you walk, swim, read, do yoga, paint a picture – anything! Please encourage your friends and family to join the competition – the more people participate, the more people learn about HAE.

HAEi’s website makes participation super easy. After an activity, you simply complete the online form and based on your type of activity, the site will convert it into “steps”. Please add your steps to help Canada win the challenge!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Patient Information Update from Edmonton, Alberta, on April 29th. We were so pleased to have an amazing turn out both in Edmonton and online.

Thank you to Dr. Bruce Ritchie and Dr. Adil Adatia who provided very informative presentations on HAE, available treatments and how they are providing wonderful comprehensive care to their patients in Alberta. Thank you also to Tony Castaldo, the HAEi and HAEA President and CEO, who shared the latest news from HAEi and the what is happening globally regarding HAE treatments.

We’d like to also extend a huge thank you to our Board members, Michelle Cooper (President) and Kerstyn Lane (Pacific Regional Director) who did a fantastic job organizing and hosting this event.


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Support Family Testing

Give valuable insights in HAE science

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) is a hereditary disorder. It is therefore very important to have other family members tested. To help you in this process HAE International has developed two documents for patients. You can download the documents below:

Support Family Testing – Patient Pack 1

Support Family Testing – Patient Pack 2

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