2021 HAE Day :-)


Happy HAE Day and Happy 10th Anniversary! We hope everyone celebrated HAE Day :-) by doing something extra fun. Did you go for a hike? Did you plant some flowers? Make a special meal for

2021 HAE Day :-)2021-05-16T11:34:41-06:00

TAKHZYRO: Available in Saskatchewan


HAE Canada is happy to share that Saskatchewan is the latest province to add lanadelumab (TAKHZYRO), a subcutaneous preventative HAE treatment, to their provincial drug formulary. Please click here to read the Exceptional Drug Status

TAKHZYRO: Available in Saskatchewan2021-05-11T08:55:08-06:00

HAEGARDA: Available Across Canada


We are over the moon that our members are telling us that they are excited about having access to HAEGARDA, a subcutaneous C1 esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) prophylaxis therapy for adolescent and adult HAE patients. We

HAEGARDA: Available Across Canada2021-05-03T12:52:12-06:00
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