Traditionally, every two years, HAE International (HAEi) hosted the HAE Global Conference where patients, caregivers, member organizations, pharmaceutical companies and physicians joined together to learn and connect. This year, after a COVID-caused delay, and the realization the previous conferences have gotten too popular and large to logistically host in one venue, HAEi decided to switch gears and hosted its first Global HAEi Leadership Workshop. 

The 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop theme was “Together Again”, and  Patient Advocacy Leaders, including HAE Canada Board members and staff, HAE Physicians/Scientists, HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group, and industry sponsors attended. There was also a track for the scientific community. 

We want to hugely thank HAEi who did a first class job making this conference a great success. HAE Canada members were very grateful to attend this extremely worthwhile event. We are already looking forward to the next HAEi event: the Regional Conference, Americas, in March 2024, when patients and caregivers will also be invited to attend.