Health Canada Approved HAE Treatments


  • BERINERT (IV Plasma Derived C1-INH): manufactured by CSL Behring

  • FIRAZYR® (Subcutaneous B2 Bradykinin Receptor Antagonist): manufactured by Takeda 


  • CINRYZE® (IV Plasma derived Prophylaxis): manufactured by Takeda

  • HAEGARDA® (Subcutaneous Plasma Derived C1-INH: manufactured by CSL Behring

  • TAKHZYRO ® (Subcutaneous MAB Against Kalikrein): manufactured by Takeda

  • Tranexamic Acid (oral anti-fibrinolytic)

As might be expected from its different pathogenesis, angioedema seen in HAE does not respond to the drugs employed in treating other forms of urticaria/angioedema such as antihistamines, epinephrine, and corticosteroids. While epinephrine, in particular, may have a transient effect on swelling, it does not alter the course of an attack.

Maintaining airway patency is the primary concern for patients with laryngeal edema. If the airway is threatened, the patient should be intubated by an experienced physician. In addition, the capability for emergency tracheostomy should be readily available. Because gastrointestinal edema usually involves excruciating pain, frequent vomiting, and the potential for hypotension, therapy should include aggressive fluid replacement and pain management.