We are thrilled to share that as of December 1st, 2020, Type I & II HAE patients in Alberta have access to lanadelumab (Takhzyro) through the province’s Drug Benefit List. Alberta is the first province to add Takhzyro to their formulary and we are hopeful the other jurisdictions will soon follow. Thank you to Takeda’s staff who worked extremely hard to bring Takhzyro to Albertans, and who continue to work toward making Takhzyro available in other parts of Canada. There were many steps that allowed Takhzyro to  become available in Canada, and we are proud to say the HAE Canada helped with one of those steps by a submitting a Common Drug Review (CDR) to CADTH:  (CDR) Pharmacoeconomic review report – Lanadelumab (Takhzyro) .

Albertans gaining access is a huge step towards all Canadian HAE patients gaining access to the different, new available treatments.

For details, please skip ahead to page 59 in the  Alberta Drug Benefit List.