Another province has added TAKHZYRO to their provincial formulary! As of January 27th, 2021, Type I & II HAE patients in New Brunswick have access to lanadelumab (Takhzyro) through the province’s Drug Plan. HAE Canada is extremely grateful for all the work Takeda’s staff put into ensuring Canadian patients have access to this treatment.

There were many steps that allowed Takhzyro to become available in Canada, and we are proud to say the HAE Canada helped with one of those steps by a submitting a Common Drug Review (CDR) to CADTH:  (CDR) Pharmacoeconomic review report – Lanadelumab (Takhzyro) .

We are hopeful it won’t be long before HAE patients in other parts of Canada will have access to Takhzyro as well.

Full details can be found on New Brunswick’s Drug Plans Formulary Update.