The HAE Global Walk campaign’s ultimate goal is to secure a better quality of life for everyone with HAE. When you participate in the awareness campaign, you are helping everyone reach this goal. This year’s theme is Stepping Up for the Global HAE Movement.

It is called a Global Walk, but walking is just part of it. Between now and the end of May, you can record each time you walk, swim, read, do yoga, paint a picture – anything! Both physical and wellness activities can be added.

HAEi’s website makes participation super easy. After an activity, you simply complete the online form and based on your type of activity, the site will convert it into “steps”. We encourage you to add photos – we love seeing your smiling faces.

We are very proud to say that Canada has won the Global Walk for the past THREE years. Please consider logging your daily “steps” for this truly inspiring global HAE event and help keep Canada’s winning streak alive!