CASP Foundation

The Canadian Angioedema Scholarship Program  

  1. Dr. David Barnes
  2. Jacquie Badiou
  3. Richard Badiou
  4. Joe Farago

The CASP Foundation is a volunteer not-for-profit organization that fosters education around and understanding of Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). The CASP foundation administers scholarships and research grants in order to achieve its goal.

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This $5,000 award is granted to university and college students between one and two times per year.


This $10,000 award is granted to residents or fellows between one or two times per year. Intended to be used toward publishing existing HAE data (clinical or molecular) and can be used towards presenting  at a conference (registration fee, travel, printing etc.).

Research Grant

Open to any researcher working on the molecular pathophysiology and translation to clinic; examples: genotyping, sequencing, genotype-phenotype correlation etc for optimal treatment individualisation as well as diagnosis validation / documentation to ensure access to meds. This $50,000 prize will be awarded XXX times per year.

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