Who We Are

HAE Canada is a patient group formed in 2010 to work with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare related professionals to create a better life for hereditary angioedema patients living in Canada.

The hereditary angioedema community is small and spread across the country. Many of us live in towns where access to medical facilities is limited and support for hereditary angioedema is non-existent. In fact, since our group began we have discovered patients who are unaware that treatment is available at all. Our goal, at HAE Canada, is to offer support and to advocate on behalf of all hereditary angioedema patients. We will connect you to others living with HAE and help you to improve the lines of communication with the medical personnel in your area. We will help you to develop the best possible treatment plan for your hereditary angioedema, and build a community to help you lead a full and healthy life.

Mission Statement

To partner with patients, health care professionals, the scientific community, government policy makers and industry to ensure all hereditary angioedema patients have access to timely and appropriate treatment based on an individual and comprehensive plan to ensure they lead a full and healthy life.